Saturday, April 9, 2011

SEO Basics: Keywords

Keyword Planning

Your most important weapon in the battle to have a successful affiliate website is keyword planning. This means figuring out which keywords people plug into search engines. These people will be interested in your advertisers' products and services. The more and better placed your relevant keywords, the more search engine hits you are likely to get.

Generating Keywords

You can generate keywords in a number of ways. Free analytic programs on the web can collect metrics for your site and tell you which keywords most commonly bring traffic. When you discover which keywords generate the most hits, you can saturate future content. There are also free programs that take the most popular keywords and generate keyword phrases designed to bring even more traffic.

Keyword Research

Another method you can use for generating effective keywords is research. Type in a few relevant keywords and see which sites come up. Head over to those sites and look for other commonly repeated words. These may be good keywords to use for your own site, if you haven't already. Try them out and if you don't see an improvement in traffic, you can always replace them with more effective ones later.

The Value of Keyword Planning

Good keyword planning does not guarantee a successful affiliate website, but you will be hard pressed to have a successful site without it. Keyword optimization is the foundation of SEO. Once you have gained some expertise with keyword planning, you will be ready to take additional steps in maximizing the success of your affiliate site. Stumble Upon! Add to Mixx!