Saturday, April 9, 2011

Search Engine Optimisation Basic Tips before going into the pro level

SEO Basics Before Moving Into The Pro Level

Before we start going to the specific principles,i wanna talk about a few of the search engine basic which you should definetly know.Essentially our goal here is to have our website rank top on the search engines,so i wanna talk a bit about how the search engines work.

:The Search Engines constantly spider the internet gathering data about the websites.
:They will rank the websites according to a variety of websites.
:They also Reward and penalize based on the result what they find.

Important factors to keep in mind,when the search engines are gonna look at your website,they gonna rank you based on a few different things.

:Number and quality of Backlinks

Backlinks basically means the number of websites that the your websites link on their website,This is Huge,this is the most important factors amoungst everything.The number of Backlinks that you have.This factor can take your website ranking upto the roof.

:Freshness of content

As i always say "CONTENT IS KING".You should be sure that the content you are offering is not only unique but also which is gonna be up to date.Because recently peoples have been penalize by the search engines,because they build a website,but for a month later,neither they have change anything nor added anything.So either these type of websites loses their page rank or they are removed from the search engines itself.

:Uniqueness of Content

Like i mentioned above,that you should be sure that the stuff you are providing cannot be found anywhere else.

:"Authority" status

There are some sites out there,that are reviewed as authorities in search engine eyes and of course they are very-very powerfull,an example for this would be a site like "ebay".


Age is another big factor,you could have a best site in the world,but if it is only a month old,thats gonna hurt you a bit.Page ranking in the search engines also depend on how old is your website,the more old,the more better ranking. Stumble Upon! Add to Mixx!